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no difficulty in introducing the needle. A point one-
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existence. I wrote letters to 125 of the medical men of this State to help
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activity providing energy to the cell. A degradation prod-
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and their treatment by electricity. The trouble with most of our books on
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canals or blood-vessels, and thus an exudation becomes organized. The
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the uvula and the pharynx, with pronounced cervical adenopathy, presenting
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it may evacuate either into various organs (duodenum, peritoneal cavity)
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The Wldener Memorial Industrial Training School for
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for, as I suggested before, by its effect in weakening the digestive
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After a careful perusal of Dr. Searle's present work, wc
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area resembling a carbuncle or flat abscess, already
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On the Occurrence of Nephritis in Syphilis. — Dr. John
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would promote political and civil corruption. If socio-
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K. Y., 1892, xxi, 105. — Craiiiicfaiiii (G.) >fc Coiislaii-
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Schonwald, John T., Wilmington (Hon.), Long Island Med. C,
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sand eight hundred and fifty grammes. On emptying the sac and
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injections, as well as the improvement under such treatment. With regard
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extensor of the index, and the joint is entered between the radius and
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whole extent. The anterior and posterior tibial vessels w^ere entire;
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aware that many of our best prescriptions contain incompatible ingre-
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the hemorrhagic variety. Quinine has no effect what-
occurs after mild cases, and sometimes when, from the absence of either the
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it is, in my opinion, objectionable, on account of the very
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In the case of your library, the phrase "beyond the walls"
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trance showed a growth of streptococci ; no bacilli of
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In the earlier counts the last two groups were included under a
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In one case the nodules appeared between the external nares
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and usually does, precede their discovery. All the evidence points
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of any kind, and especially in the use of spirituous liquors, a
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may be the portal of entry for infection, it is not favorable to
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1866.] Reports of American Hospitals for the Insane. 195
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theoretically, I am inclined to believe, as you appa-
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and others ; and it may easily be shown that the labor of many years is
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into the uterine cavities of pregnant animals may later be detected in the
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15. Small cushions, or bunches of crumjaled gauze, are placed
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on the page. This relates to amounts payable in con-
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e thoroughly done, if the patient is in easy circumstances, by placing

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