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Ill 1862 Griesinger, in a paper on '* Aneurisms of the

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public services, or to go abroad. We shall probably refer to

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from malaria. The absence of the parasite after careful search being

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vipers to form a subclass of the order Ophidia called Thanatophidia,

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the mouth. Both absolute prohibition and reckless intemperance in the use

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*Read at Medical Section of Academy of Medicine, Toronto.

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but there are so many instances of h\^drophobia after unsuspected

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ment properly. Shortly after this his legs were paralyzed and then

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short that the contractions appear to be almost continuous.

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upon solid, material within the bronchi. To determine rales exactly

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traction of the belly, and sometimes meteorism. The

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the Office of Workman's Compensation Programs, and preliminary diagnosis and

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repute a few years back, but has in the past few years

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local circumstances. In our southern cities, yellow fever may show

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The disposal of a considerable portion of the city's

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ter at the Preston and County of Lancaster Royal Infirmary.

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lung, and an oedematous condition is sometimes met with in

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ment and from hour to hour within the laboratory of that won-

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The breast hyperplasia of pregnancy can best be studied in animals,

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Intestinal movements were so vigorous as to be obvious. The right

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fibers seen in cross section, as also their relation to the protoplasm and the

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and having on his fingers showy rings, gUttering with

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effect of cod-liver oil in prolonging life is demonstrated by the instances of

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Such are the facts related by Dr. Lobstein in support of

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of man, which does the work performed in those remote

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Avas cured. Rees has seen another similar case. In both he considers

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with other data appropriate for memorial publication.

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tortuous. With an exception of an exaggeration of the physi-

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