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Weigert 1 8 Selective Neuroglia Fiber Staining Method. — Fix tissues in ten per cent for-

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and science, if it deserves the name, is never absolutely

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The assistant will now apply forceps on the opposite side, so as

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ent. The presence of air in the blood is asserted by numerous

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to be examined, but proved not to be sufficient in amount

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call the ventilation equivalent. It does not necessarily equal the actual

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tissue diminish a third in size under its administration, when combined

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by causing contraction of the small arteries, and, in this way, to be useful.

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shoulders, anterior surface of the chest, arms and legs. Some

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10 days. After this there was a gradual and eventually com-

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Harper, J. H., Snow Hill. (Hon.) ; Jeff. Med. Coll., 1905; U.N.C. 1906 1906

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on artificial culture media were used the pathogenic

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