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Dr. Salzer was able to demonstrate trichinosis in the
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tion, and often palpitation of the heart, great prostration of muscular
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had an hour-glass shape and occupied the middle portion of tlic
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of all the symptoms, and further attendance was not required. After
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followed by the Fahrenheit equivalent in parentheses.
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to take cognisance of this matter, I think it will be better to
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velum palati ; in one case, ending in abscess, severe headache, chiefly of
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252 Cases in Judiciary Square Hospital, Wasliington.
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ally connected with tuberculosis — viz., that, in all
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Such a case is illustrated in Chart I. We have excluded all such
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practical method for detecting carriers has been described by Listen
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tions had been done less carefully. But the seriousness
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acid have no action on the offensiveness of expired air. The
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be removed, for, on different occasions, when, from want of clean-
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The work of this department may be divided into: (1) formulation
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We thus enable the heart to push forward its load of black blood into
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of Physiology " are disposed of in less than three pages. In these
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The Therapy'of Typhoid. * lus in f th K e in testinal canal and the conse-
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or are of less relative importance, nay, the exciting, as well as the
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Leucocythaemia was apparent in all before confinement,

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