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tion of the bone is effected by means of two longitudinal incisions
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wound. Four or five inches of tape is left on either side «<
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cerns us most anxiously as the advisers of the subject of valvular
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did I consider the subject as one of real importance ;
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the disease possible, or directly accounts for the general discomfort. In
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the same name, that we are obliged to apply their remarks and coun-
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Syphilitic iritis should, in addition, have constitutional treatment
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cism, and as 'good wine needs no bush," so it needs
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purposes is not so thoroughly utilized as it should be. Indeed,
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exploration is performed at a given increment along each of the independent-variable
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apt to last a very long time ; and they seemed to afford
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the aorta, and which was operated upon by Professor Holmes
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overcome and destroy the invading poisonous germs ? Work
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never present ; and since, when present, it is always a transitory
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similar in scopi> and in divsign had tor some time been
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claim separate consideration. A form of inflammation known as tuber-
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State Board of Health of New York last week put itself form-
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any of the infectious diseases, and we commend his example to all in similar
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ferent interpretations of the pathological anatomy of
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and particularly in Paris and London, an American gentleman in bad
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also called especial attention to the presence of ei)igastric
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carried ofl:' by the exhausting diarrhoea, or obstinate bronchial
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may be forwarded to us, and that are not disposed of as heretofore.
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even a greater width as to females, not objectionable.
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a goose quill, and sixteen inches long, extending from the pelvis of
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has been noted in these editorials, that we are simul-
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ture distinct. The third stage of induration presents the shining ho-
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tion. Erb siu"ely throws but little fresh light on its nature when he describes
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are no less real than those arising from contagion or the pre-
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a sharp rise in the lymphocytes which increased to a point about 200
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spot begins deeper than the papulo-necrotic tuberculide, comes to the
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United States transport, the vessel is detained at Quarantine with
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enlarged, with pendulous outgrowths from its alse. However, it must not
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a physician who died of hydrophobia. The blood was drawn by leeches
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stant failures at the large lying-in hospitals of Vienna and
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marked with a pencil, and the patient must try to get a
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All this demands at least a woolen blanket and sufficient fire to heat
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Dover was born in Warwickshire in 1GG0, and after gradu-
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lets would lodge in the wood and it would take a long time to
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subsided in intensity, leaving a mottled condition of the

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