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But these hopes are now at an end. The general Practi-

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element, the very best prognosis. In one case I sewed

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ment and from hour to hour within the laboratory of that won-

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milk in its percentage. It is present as lactose in complete solution

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tenth of a grain to a tcaspoonful. Tliere is no evidence here that an

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certainly the subject which has stimulated the most investigation, and yet

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brighten up ; while if he watches it along the edge it appears

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Multiforme. Tlie eruption occurred rather suddenly in

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2. That it be published on the first of December, March,

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it will be noted, brought the best prices. The highest price in the sale

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showed a normal fundus ; and of these seven one had

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genito-spinal nervous apparatus ; there is no doubt more-

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somewhat epidemic ; and, on the average, about equal

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Secretary of the State Board of Health as follows :

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while the latter acts directly on the renal epithelium.

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204. On the Extraction from the Bladder of Fragments of Calculus fixed in Eyes of

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to commence pronouncing in this manner the vowels; subse-

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bowel being fully distended by it ; in fifteen minutes some of the

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creasing. Other signs of acute peritonitis became mote

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person violating any provision of this act shall be deemed guilty of a

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in a quarrel a slab of a knife in the abdomen. Lapa

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second vaccin. The results of hundreds of thousands of inocula-

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action of mounting media of different refractive powers.

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has handed down a decision dismissing the complaint

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structed. He observed one case, one hundred and forty-

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rapid pulse, stimulants should be cautiously used, and if after a

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The classification of Kiigelgen seems to be the best:

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disease. Kansas City M. Index, 1887, viii, 123-125. —

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