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larly and in line with the lower bone of the shoulder (the
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sweats she has had only three weeks. She I the bowels; he had no cough, and had not
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prove sufficient to determine a fatal result. The danger of such a result
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that profession or section of a profession, the final
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cicatrices of sinuses, the appearance and plumpness of the limb is
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labour lokile in the hosjjital,'" will probably astonish no one more
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mixed tone of its air and its stretched pulmonary con-
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malignity) either in the surroundings or physical condition of the
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gradually brought up to them, instructing him that he is to look at
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sclerosis. — Karl Kompe (Archiv fiir Laryngologies Band ix, Heft 2, 1899;
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mdeed sworn, that to the best of his knowledjre, and he
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the structures as they are surgically identified. A neo-
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ceration or redness continues. The same solution may
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and await their turn. Instances were reported to me where
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doubtful cases, I think, tend to throw the balance in favor of
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At the next meeting of the Section in Neurology, on Fri-
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had not touched the stone by the staff, he ( Mr. Syme performed the operation on the
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leaves a very imperfect result. The limb is weak, the joint is unpro-
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illustrated and will be of distinct value to all those, medical and
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crease in blood-pressure. Prolonged light massage of the
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Administration should be cyclic (eg, three weeks on and one week off) Attempts to discontinue or taper
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Acne varioliformis.— This, in our experience, is as frequent in the
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conditions. Now, for the purposes of the practical physician,
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the disease, that the local affection to which such undue prominence is
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a character that it can be properly digested and will not
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cupa, B. ** boge, O. 23 II. omits what comes to nothing ; O.
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and the associated symptoms of fatty heart, such as arcus
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1. Eegular auriculoventricular rhythm witli much prolonged a-c time
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