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reference to these committees they will cooperate even to the extent of disciplining

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A case is quoted by Dunglison, in which olive-oil, taken abundantly for

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before the position of the child had been accurately ascertained,

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Case 4. Gunshot Wound of the Forearm, with Fracture of the Ulna.

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his head so as to make it easier to overcome the diplopia.

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that in surgery itself there are departments within

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whole countenance ; but occasionally somewhat more marked on

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anginose affections before the appearance of the eruption*

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a simple abscess or ])hlegmon arising from a contusion.

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less powerful. It is also used externally i 1 solu-

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Beporter, sjDeaking of the discussion on cholera in

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stationary condition, or the paralysis slowly increases until they are dis-

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the results of inoculation differ according to the form of

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to weigh well what Dr. Stokes says of their employment as

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The borders of this depression produced by the implanted ovum

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hemothorax was small and undergoing resolution, giving only a

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tained only 1.8 gm." Tiie sewage farms of Paris now

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becomes necessary to explain, if possible, its mode of production.

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associated with the development and progress of other sci-

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and matrix. In another case a spreading dermatitis followed ampu-

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County ; The Necessity for Exact Evidence in Treating Scientific

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cases this preponderance is very great. Allow me to

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may determine which preparation better meets her requirements and personal preferences.

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Committee have read the proposed books more thoroughly.

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into my trunk, by my wife, in place of an empty bottle ; — she not

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a mountebank character. The report was signed by H.

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infections, and for reasons stated in connection with the latter

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cent ; Fat, facial, and so forth." The "tip" for the

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