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proper domain, with a head and subordinate officials as the Department
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remembering that the lungs hide away their secret as
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preserve them unchanged for an indefinite period after the cans have been
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not wrong. A friend, by way of practical joke, makes up as a burglar
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at the first straining effort. On inquiring I found the child had been sub-
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Brotvniee (<T.) Observations on an infectious ilisease
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It is remarkable that in only two of our cases, in which the disease has
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They do no harm at all, and are perfectly good waya
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appearance. On the twelfth day the culture showed several rosettes and
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tremity in the one, and at its lower extremity in the other. In comparing the
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broad ligament, at the outer end of and a little below
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as to show that it exerts a protective influence. Another illustration is
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the clavicle nearly to the free border of the ribs. The
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at the Montefiore Hospital and were in a position to
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plete observation of all the blood cultures. All of these
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great care cannot be takenin giving a decided opinion on deep-
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la 20"quesiion: Quels sont les iirincijips .a reconimander
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while many members of the Academy, engaged in a fashionable prac-
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the stomach by suction will save time during passage of
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years ago, a fall from a height of six feet, laid up three weeks ;
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to be noted — for example. Engineer Shedd's notes on
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above the crest of the ilium, and shaped to fit the
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1. "In any institution where bread is the staple article of
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and after fifteen years much lower. There is unquestional)ly a less
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" Life is short, art is long," and so on, is a glittering
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weeks wa." reduced to a quarter of an inch. In the rest of the cjiscs the
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dropsical effusion in other situations ; and I have repeatedly observed
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son, Tenn., said the campaign of education as to the
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carried on concurrently with it. The most influential factor is
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' Isoelectric gelatin does not react with neutral salts like NaCl but will react
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lieve that this attack is frequently a reinfection,
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erect six wings or " sections," three at either extremity of the present edifice.
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the conditions in the appendix are most favorable for
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establishments. Again, the fever is modified in its expression
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His death occurred during the month of April, which
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were no sooner taken than rejected, as he thought, from
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into two portions, one of which degenerates and disappears, while
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lake, at points near the water inlets, and from the
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small-pox ; but as they have the name of having been vacci-
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maintained that it was a sin for a practitioner of medicine
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sour to the taste. From here they are again placed under

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