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burning in the stomach after taking the acid powders, but thought they made

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urethra sufficiently often to be convinced of that fact.

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ous objects, notably bacteria, are daily being inspired under many

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qualitative, but not fundamental. The nature of the tumour

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others it Avas generalised, and accompanied syphilitic endarteritis, gum-

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the left side of the neck low down. The sternomastoid and carotid

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hyperacidity and gastralgia, it is not certain whether their presence is

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surfaces of the soft palate, but the margin of the velum is

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beneath the skin. The body presents a mottled appearance. The

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toral muscle, so as, together with the swelling, to produce considerable

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ings, but to proceed at once to the hihis, and ligature the vessels ; and not till

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Taking an average of all cases, death occurred sev-

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the urine contains paralactic acid; but when artificial diabetes is produced

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tant symptom in cancer of the stomach; but its diagnostic signiiicsnce

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was discovered. It is a fact of weighty importance that in

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at his lectures a boy whose face was much swollen and

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and throat, and from lack of moisture in the stomach (without disease,)

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and in the brown discoloration which often succeeds various forms of skin

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subject in order to elicit from practitioners in all sections

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strong objections urged against inoculation, was the fact, that

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treatmenl had failed. Prom this experience he had been

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may be given than by the stomach. Endermically, at least one-

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of the muscle. The effect of ill-directed muscle action, especially

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or more than $1,000, or imprisonment for a term not exceed-

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patients with heart disease are restricted in their activities not by

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position to deal with his examiner as if he were a personal enemy, to evade th

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Certainly it is excellent discipline for an author to feel that he must say all he has to say in tin

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frequent will, it is presumed, not be e.xpelled ; but they are not

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Ulcerative pharyngitis will require appropriate constitu-

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in the course of six years, 1,989 deaths of puerperal women

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fact, the diagnosis is to be made on account of the general

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science. But a further question arises. Notwithstand-

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and muscles of the larynx, upon the auditory nerves,

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