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Perhaps the most interesting case related in this report is one of
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Some observations on tbe so-called spotted fever of Idaho.
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sidered but felt to be much less likely. A blood specimen was
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bubonic patients will agglutinate the corresponding organisms in a
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There are many instances of it, doubtless, for the world
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All communications for the Editor, and all books for review, should
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tartar emetic he had given only in doses sufficient to
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humour be simple, the disease is a simple struma ; if
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of brain-tax, which must shew itself in the spread of
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many of their cattle ; and, continually watching in the vicinity of their
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mother that, soon after my morning visit, she discov-
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which will account for the diathesis. It is not dependent on hypinosis,
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County ; The Necessity for Exact Evidence in Treating Scientific
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ten=5ion in almost all cases. G. B." It was only after
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often find that needless delay has resulted in a rupture where there
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when I come to speak of the treatment of dysenteric bilious
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mitted an army of irregulars to the dentstl register, yet
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Society on 12th April, 1912. The immediate result seemed
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pating wi.sdom ; those who know what to do and how to do
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acetanilid compound. Pulse 90 , temperature 102 . There is some rigidity of
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water from the surface by grading, paving, and sewerage, the
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first noted redness and stiffness of the left 4th and
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para, aged thirty-two, was rather below the medium height, and stout, with
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skin flap is severed from the thigh, and the two wounds are
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sided hypertrophy, but the conditions changed a number of times
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ElTects Consequent upon Removal of the Spleen.— S.
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Dr. Markoe said he had presented this case more especially
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would be in a favourable position to enable me to apply the forceps if need be, legit
are fever, malaise, headache, very likely passing off with some
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acute or grave course, such as it usually does in new arrivals in ma-

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