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nificance clinically, and next to syphilis is a contributory

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when I come to speak of the treatment of dysenteric bilious

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bulging of the hard palate on the affected side. There is no

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sixty-five years of age do, in each year, twenty million

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ounce of pus was evacuated and a gauze drain inserted in

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dangers overhanging the sufferer in this affection is that, owing to liberttiai

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ulcers, or cancers, and immediately inspired into the lungs of

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would now admit such a proposition. Congestion cer-

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culous meningitis reacts strongest, the cell count is low and the

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fidence of the phosphates as being most beneficial in all debili-

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tainly in our two cases the last seemed improbable, as nothing in

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possibly retinal and pulmonary hemorrhages, diminution of urinary

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tion. Penetration is not necessary. Women have thus been known to con-

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considers the method as being a safe one providing too strong currents

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early stage of all inflammations, it is obvious that this arrangement

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27th. — Tetanic symptoms subsiding. Patient very weak,

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Montgomery, from Mecklenburg, and I said, "Montgomery, you made

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of the brain, as cases apparently similar give, in this respect, differ-

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antitoxin, its mode of action, dosage, after-effects.


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in a prompt return to normal conditions in the urine.

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deposition of urates from the blood (causing gout), or from

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as years advance, that which has the chief influence in initiating pruritus

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suspected that the famed whitebait of Greenwich and Blackwall actually

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to extra action to prevent diplopia. This arrangement of nerve

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every force at my command. Good doctors were standing in line

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every good work connected with the church at Stafford, of

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elevated liver enzymes and elevations to three times the upper limit of normal,

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introduction. Warm water was injected into the uterus, between it and the

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" The Encylopiedia Americana is a prodigious improve-

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