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view of showing how beautifully the ciliary processes

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sary to confirm a diagnosis of abnormal semen. Because of

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admit of some doubt, they should at least make us hesitate before

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the five preceding years by 3-33, but exceeds the rate of 1864

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temporal artery, he found later a symmetrical arteritis of the right super-

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also immobile; there was adduction of the thighs, slight flexion at knees and

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time of his admis^ion appeared to be sviftering more from simple debi-

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without reinfection. Exactly how long the parasites can lie dormant

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Jean /o- ■ue dnai/iet. f..r.<£/. <Ly/f<? "^l^Mt <S7<a./<i .^£ta.A/

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we have obtained, in certain cases, wonderfully successful results.

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this valuable report, in plotting his treason. Our Government seem

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F. C. Donders, M. D., late Professor of Physiology and Ophthalmology in the

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also contains the following inactive ingredients propy-

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know which was by most men actually chosen. But the practice

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The results of pyogenic infections among natives are very

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The opening in the central line was closed, and the

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incubator at first, then for two days in a calcium-chloride

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After much discussion, these resolutions were all adopted, together

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cellulitis, but yet it recovers fairly often after elimination of the sloughs.

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of blood. Toward the peripheral part of the vessel blood was

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of the uterine appendages, I desire to place on record a case that

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Children's Hospital are unpopular with mothers because they have to wait

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