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side of physicians were to be found these " legally (lualitied "


therapy," Med. Phys., Vol. 12, No. 5, pp. 608-612, 1985

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a rapid increase took place and the breasts soon became

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cumbent posture. They may, at first, be administered tepid, but

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cerns us most anxiously as the advisers of the subject of valvular

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sleep, and under other circumstances as well, the movements of the chest

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fourth volume of the "Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal."

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after paralysis and distention occur. Other bacteria do

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congestion of the vessels, doubtless such congestion would be

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blunder he would have been saved the trouljle of the

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lik 's spots have not received the attention which they deserve, and that they

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tion, nor could I feel any tumor. Inflation of the stomach with

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Treatment The object of treatment in the early stage of embolism and

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them, it will be mostly limited to the towns, and that even in our great

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he has the organism originally described under that name ? Granting

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Ketchum's address, there are to be found many convincing arguments in

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spots, the t&ches roses lenticulaires of Louis, occurring principally upon

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of the aerial germs which it produces. Common medi-

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wanting, as in the cases of Babes and Winiwarter, and of Warren,

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Dr. Delavan : In four cases of this affection that I have

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* " Cum rigore non irruit. — Neque tigor exacerbationes

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biles, which tended to disappear later. Thus after 4, 9, and 10 days of obstruction,

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■ expeditions, time and season to be considered in tliem 146

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lost the use first of the arm and then of the leg, which had been

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the point of a Master of English as did the great and good Thomas

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Sib, — A few days ago I was called to the following case :— Catherine X,,

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ation of vision. At the time of Dr. de Schweinitz's examination

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the clinics of this hospital, or to see patients therein for the

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The ninth thoj'acic sfine is at the level of the car-

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paper is an attempt to offer some clarification and support for

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publication, subscription, or advertising department of this Journal,

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