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all this time, exposed to draughts of air, upon a receptacle

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acquaint the chemist with the forms of various crystals, etc., and show

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atrophic paralysis of the muscles is frequently attended by fibrillary

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zinc oxide eugenol pulpectomy

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Should it be a solution, a little of it is to be diluted

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sac are of the greatest importance to the future well-being of the child,

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the incubation-period, and to under-estimate that of the multiplication-

is zinc oxide cream good for burns

patient, for nearly sixteen months. Although it was probed

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about the neck, almost black, which was the colour of the hair

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reinforced zinc oxide-eugenol pulpotomy a retrospective study

A mechanism was established whereby the technical staff at all levels could

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246. Mr. J. -S., June 26, 1900. Variety, bronchial ; duration, 1

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wards, and in those occupied by negroes and foreigners.

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distressing sensation — and the demand for extraordinary respi-

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General Orthopedics • Spinal Surgery • Hand Surgery

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to bear in mind is, that the discharges are as essentially curative as is the erup-

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dition of the chest known as " pigeon breast," most cases of persistent

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brown, and eventually are succeeded by the true black vomit. The

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lescence supervened. " It must be allowed, I think,"

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and epigastric regions sink in, and that the lower ribs are drawn inward,

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June 30— July 1—5: Postgraduate course on Ophthal-

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act something like a venesection and be -essentially equalized by a narrowing of that

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the occurrence of the same or a similar parasite in

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of cases — ^more frequently, however, in those cases where the abscess

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students merely listened to the instructor's remarks upon

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your letter of June 28th. In response thereto it gives

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calomel in small and large doses, but all in vain. Dr.

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using zinc oxide tape for blisters

Physical Examination. — The patient is of normal build and fair development,

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hygienic measures I had put in the foreground. Otherwise,

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losis was presented and read by Dr. E. K. Root, Chair

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itself, there may not be a very material increase of the cells beyond

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prone to happen. Well-applied plaster is excellent, especially for

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fresh, of some sort, all the year round. Strawberries

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