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the staining of cover-glass preparations containing bacteria, and also

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and consequences of affections of the nervous system

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slight fever. He found some local tenderness and tympanites

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from a Variety of Sources. By Hugo Erichsen, M. D., Profess-

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so, that these two forms of metabolism are absolutely distinct

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the use of Ferran's Vaccines, but in an article in the

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rent of air, enabling the patient to partially remove

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poison for a very long, but undetermined, period : any number of

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Simmons, E. W., Canandaigua, Ontario Co. Founder. (Retired list.)

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Dawson and Son*; Mr. Constable; Mr. C. J. Fox; Mr. Copney ;

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facility for exploring the cavity and breaking down

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almost livid; the heart was acting violently, and pulse

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endeavoured to prevent the common people from reading the Bible or

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Czaplewski that in the application of Gram's method a momentary

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and the following practical instructions may be useful : —

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A complete exposition of the ideas on basophile granulations of erythrocytes

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baths, with sis or eight ounces of the liquid chloride in each ; plates,

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of tlie effusion is removed, and consec(uently before

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while others have obtained only a relatively small percentage. Appar-

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be recollected that it was winter. The greater part of the

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It was believed that all the special senses had some kind of

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have not seen during life, and only now and then have observed

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the lymphatic glands are not enlarged, and the blood does not show

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Those gains are just building blocks for what is to come.

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sary, the application of the acetate of ammonia, will

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At the meeting of the .American Medical Association

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Flexor carpi ulnaris [flexion to the ulnar side] (ulnar).

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Bourneville has spent much time in the study of its

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better be excluded from the treatment of these abscess cavities,

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on proper blood supply, and in turn the blood supply

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