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except those on vessels in the abdominal wall, were
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"come along." If he lag, give him a ]ight cut behind with
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after beginning this treatment the patient recovered her normal
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for the student. The whole idea of State board exami-
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mass the size of a cocoanut was found firmly attached to
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conjunctiva and from the nose. Leprosy and glanders commonly
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and colon bacillus is not infrequent. For the identification of the
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of 20/40 or better without the use of spectacles or contact
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The variations in amplitude were sometimes seen alone, although
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of general wasting, as in senile atrophy inanition, certain cachexias,
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being raised by public subscription for the erection of a sick
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ease in any way. I have obtained the ver}' best results from per-
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precipitate will otherwise go through the paper. The decanted
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all our specimens, just as Fairbairn [2] and Taylor [5] had done. All
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tis due to mechanical irritation or to worms ; second,
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such as the Pators and Sawanis, do not eat cow, buffalo, or pig ;
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which was purulent, had not altered to a serous con-
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The author must decidedly condemn the practice of severe and pro-
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tient had swallowed some eye-drops containing atropia. As this
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several years, was a small spare man, but well proportioned
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the forced inspiration immediately preceding a hard
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and Moldovan^ have claimed that anti-guinea pig rabbit serum of high
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rosis in an occasional swelling and irregularity of
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cluded more of the essence of that distinct line of treatment.
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February 19th. The etiology was presented under the
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processes essential to perception, and thus lead to the non-recognition of
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the two general hospitals of Savannah, Ga., Nos. 1 and 2, the ratio of mortality in

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