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tive and other organs, but, above all, of the central nervous system.

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eration of these abnormalities will not be out of order.

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recently mentioned by Charcot ; ^ and, in all, laryngeal or pharyn-

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or catarrh, is inflammation, more or less acute, of the membrane

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3 seen in treating of hemiplegia. Paralysis of the portio dura

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five times at intervals of two or three days, and this is usually sufficient

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powers is now extreme. The ex[>ectoration is more abundant, mucopurukolt

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Thomas, may possibly be the rudiment of a digestive tract.

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gitis a consecutive disease, and holds it to occur frequently. But a direct

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The dangers of recurrence after operation for epithelioma

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In 1909 Pellagrin 37 suffered a recurrence in the spring, while

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of the disease, he must not live so as to debilitate himself, nor

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colchicum fails to give relief. In these cases the salicylic acid preparations

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work of the interne would be what it is now, except

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in structure, and that it has a specific organisation in each

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Physic " was, and i.s, tJie edition par excellence. All who have

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of the aorta and the coronary arteries into the sac; (6) rupture of the heart

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J.A.M.A., 134:757, (June 28) 1947. II. Therapeutic measures

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where the mouth was severely affected in this manner, the condition

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regard to the management of cases of the kind, preventive rules of course

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phus fever they seem to support the tone of the stomachy

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Riga. Stadt-Krank'eiih., 1897, 73 - 93. — Walker (J. B.)

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feet, legs and knees were affected by the mixed sen-

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two parts of tannic acid to one hundred parts of water.

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class of adults. I asked a man what is meant by the word persuade.

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of our schools is seriously Interfered with by the frequent change of

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