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brought on both by anger, which is an exciting, and by fear,

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nutritiousness of the mixture. Four or five parts of water to one

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t ychnia, if a cause of death, must always, and under all circumstances,

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gradually to increase the dose if necessary to a large amount.

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bined auscultation and palpation detected a friction sound after other meth-

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'- F. Uezold : Zar Aiitiseptischen Beliandluugder Mittelohreiterun-

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typhoid perforation occurring within a few for long. Recently Dr. Riechaud, of Bor-

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and fix their compensation. The work performed in those

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resisting power against the tubercle bacillus and its products."

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H. M. Waldren, Jr., to 3183 South 76th Street, Mil-

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sent to a firm in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Notice of

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of European physicians who were in a position to observe

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whence a more considerable afflux of blood and correlative

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September 15, 1920, xxvi, No. 3, p. 293), and Mory (Miinch. med.

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gradually brought up to them, instructing him that he is to look at


If the infolding is slight, the symptoms will be slight. L,ater

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POPE and PLANTS, 4, Waterloo Place, Pall Mall, London.

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engaged, and in both adhesions being produced between surfaces intended

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other hysterical manifestations. It is a not infrequent sequel of diphtheria.

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mismanaged, this system of co-operative teaching must be of

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ever, in 1897, there appeared a short extract by Profes-

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be helpful, to withhold all nourishment during that period.

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of the trunk of the arteria fosssB Sylvii. Only one circumstance

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question. The polycythapmia was probably due to a certain amount of

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gangrene showed itself in wards which so far as sanitarv police was

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incision three inches long over the left rectus muscle, beginning about

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gangrene showed itself in wards which so far as sanitarv police was

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total number of undoubted cases so far reported in this country and

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