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rous, or experienced, and that cases may and must occur,
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attend the operations of vital force. It is a convenient form of
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that has proved of any benefit. The existence of an "acidosis," indicated
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cephalus, I think the doctor stated it had been diagnosed as
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and ulna from a medico-le.aal standpoint. Physician
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1885, lii, 104. Also [Abstr.]: Thei'ap. Gaz., Detroit, 1885,
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in irritable or inflamed conditions of the alimentary tract
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Williams have clearly demonstrated — the latter in no less than 229
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effected in our courts, by the more enlightened views of insanity, he says —
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into the heart. The caseous masses,, however, may ex-
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It was formerly thought that the muscles of the extremities and those
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testines, but also in cases in which this has not occurred, peritonitis may Ik*
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physician to keep a record, giving the name and address of the patient,
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went not the slightest alteration. M. Yerne concludes that the subchloride of
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or any sect, but approves or truth wherever found. It cherishes
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L.J.P.Bell, of Helena, was the winner of a dinner for two. Dr. Sanford
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there has been too great a readiness to accept as true of all the hospi-
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puncture, just a little drop (about the size of a large pin's
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he was to introduce him to the first case of small-pox the young
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by pressure and movement, if inflammatory, but relieved if neuralgic.
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of ammonia, ammonia and nitrate of potash, and chlo-
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Epidemic jiundice is no doubt produced by the same cause
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resected the intervening segment — about five inches in length.
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of the principles and procedures involved in handling disease from the osteopathic viewpoint.
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of least resistance. Hence the stratum mucosum, the thickness of
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growths recognized. The spleen is not usually enlarged.
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beds than in the corresponding samples of crude sewage, the
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pregnancy. At the period of her visit to me, the enlargement had be-
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mercurial inunction for six weeks, shortly after landing, that was seven
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