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2. Is the referral for the provision of a “designated


but, if she possesses hard working men, students that study at

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Blood and Urine in Gout» Rheumatism and Bright's Disease, Med.-Giirurg.

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fed the plants and having passed through more than si.\

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lows and cushions; better by air or water cushions; but

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were used, and the limb was kept extended, ( The inflammation has not yet entirely

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some way penetrated into the cell and stained its cytoplasm, but there

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and all those noble old fellows, busy at their work,

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immediately threatened, this remedy cannot be reli-

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was characterized only by a little incoherence; the patients talk-

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by smallpox vaccination. But in spite of our early knowledge of the

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comes to the earth as simply motions of Ether-waves,

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joint was diseased, the cartilage being stripped off in patches from

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involuntary, are unaccompanied by any conscious sensation

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boars suet, and seethe in three sextariuses 0 of water

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The secondary symjjtoms appear between the first and fourth

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With a pulse ordinarily of 60 or 65 in a minute, soft and easily

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persistent offensive green acid stools. The common organisms of the

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dition more frequently, and recognize the fact that the cases

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intrameningeal spinal haemorrhage. Two weeks later by lumbar

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I find a mixture of equal parts of Paregoric, Tincture of Hyoscyamus

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occurring all along the east (right-hand) side of the sections, and many

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cytoplasm. They note the same method in T. gambiense. This is

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portance to the situation of the pain spontaneously complained of in

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of the inflammation, such as are seen in ordinary cellulitis. In

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Health, as prescribed by the 40th section of the Public Health

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Diagnosis. — In the pre-ulcerative stage, where it resembles a mole, there

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competent to arrest the progress of the once established disease. Drugs

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way, to be proud of it. Let us quote some of the facts. *' At the beginning

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When this is present and well marked, and especially when

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title of the first chapter of the fourth part of the Revised

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being more or less completely suppressed. Petechise may be observed in

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