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populations, studies have been done to determine those

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headaches, cough, general malaise, poor ai)petite, emaciation,

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his theories of treatment on the bactericidal properties of sunlight, but

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of them, intended to be a compendium, is by our friend Dr. Williams,

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cases discoverable by the fuller method. Such abbreviated

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the second was to require that all students receive 6

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posing on its bent limbs, abdomen, and thorax as if it were asleep.


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If such an interference with breathing be unilateral, e. g., consolida-

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to be vaccinated but showing no marks the fatality rate was 27%,

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The doctrine of Crawford thus destroyed in its fundamental

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numerous formulas are the results of research and actual

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appliq., Par., v. 1 (10), 30 mai, pp. 294-299, figs. 1-5. [W°^, W.]

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in pain nerve transmission of the first degree. This experiment

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California and several schemes are on foot looking to the transplant-

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tion of Alcohol in the advanced stage of prostrating diseases in obedience

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He took an active part in the formation of the Ontario Medi-r

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during six years but three cases presenting a typical malarial history; one of

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ever I see the glands much enlarged at the angle of the jaw, and

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turbance of the circulatory apparatus taking the form of

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