Intrathecal Baclofen Pump For Spasticity

himself of the more generally received principles of the day,
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is without doubt, a reason why some, in whom fear acts as an
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breath sounds, and by determining the presence or absence of fluid in the
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determined by animal inoculation, it is probable that the relation
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to the pulse. Death from syncope soon takes place. The anatomical sub-
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analogy indicat«!8 the occurrence of similar phenomena in the vessels of the glands
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that of the original serum or whole blood. This is taken to indicate that
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occurs in the course of whooping cough. They have also met with
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with the juices of certain fruits and vegetables whose antiscorbutic pro-
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Williamson, O. K. Comparative systolic blood-pressure readings in the arm
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Art. I.— Memoire pour accompagner le Tableau des Observations Meteoro-
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transmission is ignored, and infection of the foetus is assumed to be always
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sonic inflamnmtory condition in the stomach, causing retention. On
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menstruated at the age of seventeen years, regular twenty-eight day type,
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curvature appeared normal. On turning up the transverse colon it was
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onset in contrast to the slow progressive development of paralysis. Arch.
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a contra-indication to artificial pneumothorax. In most advanced tuber-
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patients are still alive. Postmortem examinations were made in 16
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marked tabes of three and one-half years' duration, with severe shooting
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is not prevented by shaking. If the defibrinated or citrated blood, in its
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in hospital wards; and, on the other hand, the thirteen patients
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trypanosomes in the blood of rats after infection and treatment and of
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days after the commencement of the first attack ; in 2 the attacks were
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occasions in complete loss of consciousness. There was no sign of dilatation
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truth of the discovered reason for her inability to face her painful
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The complaint has been endemic in many places from which
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anaphylaxis. The present paper summarizes the good results of others
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ters called my attention to that part of the pleura which had
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Griffin and Szlapka report on 50 cases of pernicious anaemia submitted
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the dosage never exceeded 2 drops of tuberculin rubbed into 10 abrasions.
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retracted until the tumour is in good view. The vena Galeni magna is
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