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Epitome of Pathology and Treatment. By Dr. Franz Mracek, of Vienna.

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centa aside as it descended into the pelvis. The child was born alive. The

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palm, and, at a later period, a swelling on the second

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world, which in the absence of flannel possibly is already

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were exposed, so we thought they were all right. But the next morn-

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as to warrant regarding it as an epidemic. In large cities it is constantly

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mond, Yorkshire ; Rowland Hill Coombs, Bedford; Martin Luther Heelas

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the posterior columns of the cord), and gradually extending backwards

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tudinal fission. The resulting division forms may remain

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the New York Post-graduate Medical School, etc. Philadel-

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15 1 on unpKtom, H. 16 blop-, B. 17 jecnobe, B. 19 -1$, B.

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any class of patients except those bed -ridden with acute

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erans and Medical Officers' Reserve Corps," May 7, 1923, by Maj. D. C.

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N. Y., Medical Library Association; St. Albans, Vt., Medi-

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causation, even from salivation by mercury; the submaxillary glands

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For the study of the mental disorders we must examine

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activity, which means not only a maximum intensity of the

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mio'ht be discovered or invented which should combine

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the joint through its full range of movement under gas-oxygen

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wifery in this city, Dr. Kidd has brought before the notice of the

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some this bleeding was severe enough to produce syncope. The size of the

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self-multiplying morbid poison, by which the diarrhtca was

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dose, a drug which may exert a serious action on the uterine system (A re-

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alcohol injected. It hardly seemed likely that the amount of alcohol used could

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