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Separating the folds of the buttocks with one hand, the finger should

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waxy degeneration. The spleen weighed 2\ ounces, specific gravity 1054. It felt

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of these. The caloric value of the test-meals was always


of a drug that has ever been proved to irritate them can be taken with-

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profession, most of these cases are subjected to the hard-

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New York, and began the practice of his profession in Falmouth, Mass., in


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The Stegomyia fasciata has been found as far north as Chariest own, S. C,

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It is worthy of note that in both the total and partial

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cavity ; peritonitis is at once developed, and, under these circumstances,

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increase, but other impurities, such as the products of



crease of intestinal peristalsis and the same rise in

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traction ring plus the cervix. Three anatomic factors

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progress, they are generally cured. The turther we go north, the less elevation

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