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increased, it just equalled those found in the water, and in

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be fully known, to the end that the unscientific rub-

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vessels cannot be injected from the pulmonary arteries.

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the description given by certain authors of the mode in which

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with that object since they will be guided by the absolute knowledge

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ing, convulsions, conA-ergent squint. Temperature continued high, but with

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1. Glycogen is most abundant in young and robust subjects and

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women of the lower classes who are addicted to alcohol.

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western University Medical School, Chicago ; and Frederick Peterson,

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upon living boflies. Virulent matters, thus begotten, act by

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ing animals, and to disinfect and limewash the stalls which they

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or between several such growths a species of soft cicatrix. Gradual as is

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there be one discovered, which could be substituted for any

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cells. These cells are the same in their nature as the hard stratified

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7. The period of incubation in thirteen cases of experimental yel-

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operation revealed a retroperitoneal cyst containing about a

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of fibrinous exudation. Acute inflammation of the bronchial mucous mem-

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demned to the petty social warfare of an isolated provincial life.

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tinue and to recur in the individual, we may properly

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operator were blind this objection would be largely obviated.

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of diminution in bulk of the liver-substance. In the living body the shrunken

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very pale, but that taken from the left pelvis showed

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ourselves authorized to make such a change, being unable, as yet, to elevate our hypothesU

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cremasteric reflex was very variable, sometimes being markedly increased,

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educators of the country, as may be seen in the letters quoted below in

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may be safely opened, unless, as often happens, it ruptures

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to the useful, real, and effective over the nonuseful, con-

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stance, where the astragalus and os calcis have disap-

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Of scarlet fever, 5 — delirium tremens, 1 — consumption, .1 — debility, 1 — typhus fever, 1 — scrofula, 1

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statement that " Probably the virus of yellow fever may be

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Roy White Bixler, University Recorder and Examiner.

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ity, whereas in adults we seek the upper lobe. Enlarge-

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appendicitis was scarcely ever associated with muco-

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Post'Mortem Examination. 24 hours after death, the blood was fluid in the blood-vessels ot

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