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excision of the knee-joint in a child. At the end of fourteen
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cavities may be filled with blood. 1 The observations of Prof. Horatio C.
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with which a cure can be obtained by the passage of
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this we are naturally led to conclude that his intention is to
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was owing to a similar, but more copious efiPusion. I am ready to admit
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pads are useless in uncomplicated nephroptosis, al-
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speedy distributions would take place. The large buildings at
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))licd Scultctus's bandage, with splints new fracture after their own fiishion,
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ment. In the Philadelphia area, as Elliott Morse defined it at that
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veau and Marey's researches on the motions and sounds of the
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methylene a triumph of scientific induction, and that it would
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cvidonce<l by ulceration and some pain. Hearing became normal in one ear,
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A good deal of the sickness on this station is ascribed to the recklessness and
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experience was that the more creasote a patient could
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a mountebank character. The report was signed by H.
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were never large. In two cases of infarct of the lungs only
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quired strength and pour both together in a separate receptacle and
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and goveniing influence that should even the merit that is our due : but
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(1) The State Medical Society applauds the state mandate
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was also desirable to ascertain its action upon human beings.
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at coughing, however, increase the intensity of the discoloration. The cyanotic
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so-called traumatic neuroses. It calls attention to the importance of these
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ease to develop suddenly, and from the outset to present tbe remaHc-
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their own remedy before administering it to their patients.
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don Society (with a capital S). She told her interviewer
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ties of the rash and the pharyngeal lesions. Variations in
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small medullary pulp behind the orbits, were the only remaining parts
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