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it is well to remember that there exist cases of fa-

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became more pronounced with stronger serum. Unless the

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little difficulty about the afterbirth, but it had apparently all

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clearly and unmistakably the evidence of surgical kidney being a misnomer.

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trusting to it alone in cases grave enough to suggest operative inter-

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action had the warm sympathy and countenance of New

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and poisoning exist in all cases. 3. Pathologic changes are apparent

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any of their constituent ingredients, even in the largest doses, will

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tensively in many portions of this country, from 1841 to 1846, it was

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obtained from Dr. Grubler. It contains two basic dyes of different combining powers.

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coach.', T"'^'^' '' r' ^'^^^' convenient, and gallant

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and irritable, opiate injections (thirty or forty drops of laudanum,

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plumbism, the anterior tibials in alcoholics, and the nerves

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tunity for patients to maintain dignity and integrity in the face

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if administered as long as it was in some operations, even

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total cases, the sufferings of the patient being usually related to neur-

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aflfection is not infrequently self-limited. When operative treat-

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tion of the bronchial wall, which gradually dilates under the weight of its

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into three parts : the first describes the instruments required in

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water, connected with a positive pole and the negative is ap-

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general manifestation. The condition is exceedingly painful, per-

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on the fever resistance. Until this is overcome the baths

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reference to local blood-letting by means of cupping or leeching. He

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apparently some diminution of sensitiveness. Marked

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absolutely good, hopelessly bad, or requires careful examination and

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of atmospheric pressure, the conclusion has been drawn that the ancnil I

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sented the peculiar cells and capsules usually found in the

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The injections of serum were invariably well supported. Particu-

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medical card was inscribed " S. W. forehead, fracture of skull,

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Uproar ; The Congress of Bees ; The Art of Selling Bargains ;

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George's Vestiy, Hanover-square, makes the following suggestions for

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