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Chronic hemodialysis. Home hemodialysis. Peritoneal dialysis. Hospital consultations.

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piperazin. A little burning followed the first injection, but

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which these wounds are repaired ; and, moreover, that it

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demned to the petty social warfare of an isolated provincial life.

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is at this time that many women of your acquaintance will advise

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patient was greatly agitated by a thunderstorm, and in thirteen hours or

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decided attempt to shift the whole controversy from grounds purely theo-

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sloughs, depending upon the cicatricial contractions for

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supply. At present everything is delivered in water-carts and

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by compression, and the patient suffers from dyspnoea caused by inter-

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pressed opinion of the work, and to state that it continues to

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Par., 1897, 4. s., viii, b8-.59. . Visite aux Ualiouieeus

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the water entering ; while, when accidentally falling

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than prolongations or long-drawn-out thread-like processes of the

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5 c. c, in addition to the usual amount of water, peptone and salt. The

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growth of the ovum, it is not unreasonable to suppose that during the

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measures with a view to prevent suppuration. Even if the ezisteDce of

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DR. G. S. Hams : Just one word in regard to the adminis-

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