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vanced'oonceming the action of the alkaline-saline springs; the body
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Seventy times out of a hundred, scabies is confined to the hands, and in
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out cardiac symptoms, no changes in the myocardium were
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regard to treatment. Unquestionably the skiagraph, when judi-
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except in those rare cases in which inflammatory changes are produced by
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cured of almost total deafness and threatened loss of voice.
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difficulty. That this is not merely one aspect of tlie general decay of all
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polity ; it destroyed the old established notion of
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about one ounce of clear bile. The liver weighed 6l
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patient is in this reclining position. The fingers should
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girl fell three weeks before the operation, and injured her back
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to the use of the button suture, which, it must be admit-
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canula easily, and washed out the bladder by an aspi-
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The account of the case alluded to in the title shall be
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was transferred to me for surgical treatment. Duriug the
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could determine that there were any sequestra there, we would not
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be of some antiseptic material like gauze, aud changed
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eighteen days, rather longer than usual, he underwent an attack of serum-
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the patient should be improved by proper medical and hygienic
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forty-five in a second in the dog) produce a permanent contraction. Single
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would take this opportunity to speak to you in regard
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to obstetrics and g3-n8ecological surgery, the same methods
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might be attributed to a poor sense of balance which had not been in
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covered with the powder. The umbilical cord, also blackened by the
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more violent symptoms. In every considerable congestion of the brain
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source of information about the toxicity of Daphne mezereum as it
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Dr. Martin, of Chicago, is not applicable to all cases, as
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properly equipped, could frequently treat the case himselt instead of transferring
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and remain a profound mystery to every one except the
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the milk that should normally flow beside it may well, in the coming days,
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Einger, Aitken, and a host of others ; and we may safely assert that it will

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