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inquire into the bearing which this connection and its possible

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cortex a large area requires to be involved in order to produce

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A large accumulation of clinical observations within the last few years has

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in the site of the canal and allowed to heal by granulation, forms a dense

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t BoYOF, Jos. W., M.B., Medical Officer Blaokrock Dispenaary District,

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ing their frequent post-mortem examinations, retained an odor

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appears to be no valid reason Avhy the variation should not be even greater than

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girl graduate/^ During the past few years great advancement has

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ish suited to its diseases, such as the uva ursi, Lichen, etc., etc.

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attended by other valvular affections. Degenerated arteries make the fore-

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The anatomical rooms are opened the latter part of October, and the dissections

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riably. The average seems to be 102-104° F-> ^^nd although one

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criticism with reference to the artificial opening. If I had to do tin-

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The object of the founders of the new society is to provide such a

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positively that my cases were the most suitable one could

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seen in one instance, and the complication rendered

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ounces of urine in the twenty-four hours without much diffi-

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Charcot denies that such is the affection of sight which forms part

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promptness in restricting the disease. On May 10 no new cases

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clined to swell, and is also slightly painful in the afternoon.

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the hairs are involved. Secondly we must distinouish between the

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The systolic murmur is transmitted loudly to axilla, pulmonary cartilage, and

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The City of Mobile museum is just a short walk on Government Street. It houses some

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more so than in many other avocations, when it is for the relief

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J. O. Roe, of Rochester; "Experimental Methods of Studying

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405, 444 ; Dr. Farr's views regarding, 207, 637 ; re-

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In counties having more than one hundred fifty teachers, the law re-

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improvement in the therapeutics even of our opponents, owing,

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intra-abdominal pressure plays a large part in main-

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