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characterized his first attack. His pulse was rapid, small, and soft; his

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of cases is not unfrequeiuly very similar, the history of the disease should

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the symptoms detailed were, that upon these severe and repeated jars the

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of the proper treatment of the disease by antiphlogistic remedies, and not

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1.2 per cent, eosinophiles, 4 per cent, mast cells.

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X American Journ. Med. Sci., February, 1838, p. 519.

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cells suggests the probability that thrombokinase set free by dis-

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membranes to atmospheric air, and would ask in rejoinder, why were

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and effect in Boston and New York; the occurrence of fever on ship-board, un-

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called attention, I explained the situation to the patient, and urged an

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enlargement of the metatarsophalangeal joints of both great toes. Tophi

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about 33 years, a sugar refiner, accustomed to lifting heavy weights, has had

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the continuance of the disease, and in convalescence. It will be remembered

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and bearings even of a present temptation or perplexity is not

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39° C. The urine remained normal. The patient remains under

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all that is interesting or important in the present state of our knowledge

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ing reverence for our excellent contemporaries, we are still of opinion that

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vomit. An examination of the patient reveals a painful area to the right

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have never met with a case of mania a potu, or delirium tremens, I

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the responsibility of temporizing with or retaining septic teeth

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The thigh was bent to a right angle with the pelvis, and could not by any means

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refuse the chance of benefit from the operation. lUit if the result of numerous

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results of these operations have been in the main extremely success-

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prevail extensively, whilst in England, Gibraltar, Malta, the Bermudas, and

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pens, however, that at this advanced period of life, from the general debility of

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Elsewhere, the abdomen was soft and showed no tenderness on palpation.

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lungs are involved in 7 per cent, of cases, whereas the bronchial

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resum6 in Ergebnisse der Chirurgie und Ortkopadie, 1913, Band v.

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the barn-yard. On searching, the child was found behind and partly

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An attempt was now made to pass the finger behind and above the soft palate,

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necessity of sacrifice, and the tendency to seek compensation for

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contained a mononuclear cell. The stellate cells of Kupffer were

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bowels, the puerpera ascended over the trunk and upper extremities, and the child

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an Italian physician, but without as yet doing any good. — Lancet, July 25thy

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acid, was made lower down; the sequestrum was exposed to the extent of five or

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3 Cook. Blood-pressure in Prognosis, Med. Rec, 1911, lxxx, 959.

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Urobilin is a normal constituent of the urine but the amount

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Elongations of the clitoris and nymphx are comparatively common, and the

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past. The probability of radical cure in this case, is very strong.

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slightly increased above tlie preceding analysis; but it will be observed that the

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have administered a medicme whether it be likely to benefit the patient or

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pounds in weight, had fever for upward of two months, but at the end of

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with post-like regidarity. On the contrary, it is a well-established fact that

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however, the solution is evaporated to dryness; and for tliis purpose it may be

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received 5 grams of benzol daily in capsule, and on October 13 the

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