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covered with a very thin gauze bandage, after having been


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Harry E. Dawson, ICD., College of Physicians and Sur-

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ticularly was this true of the interstitial changes, which in

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skin thickened, exuding serum where vesicles become

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sected with scissors or bistoury, aijd the cut mucous membranes

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Died.. . . Sarcoma also involved the acetabulum. This waa curetted. Death io

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and chemical properties was obtained, and, on reduction,

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eleventh dorsal to the second lumbar, inclusive, with removal of

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with an order conferring knighthood, by the government of

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W. W. L. Cissell, Highland, vice-president, and Dr. William B.

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iu a movable kidney which was discovered immediately

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typhoid. Dr. Kinnicutt reported two cases occurring in 889

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Eczema, With an Analysis of Eight Thousand Cases of the Din-

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erature is scant in this regard, but a few authors suggest the

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as used in the policies sued on, would be accurately defined in

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he attains the rank of captain his relative rank tor subsequent

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sound, loud apex beat and dilatation of the heart and displace-

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phere. It has already borne excellent fruit in the in-

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diabetic — 12, with 6 deaths, or 50 per cent.; general

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recovered from her pneumonia, but I saw her about six week-

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symptoms. The description of these cases is not com-

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gradually contracted down, the remainder of the wound having

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advocated by Robinson is to give physiologic rest to the in-

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Patient much exhausted by sepsis of two years' duration. Not exceeding

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the Association, many of whom are members of the American

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When he left the hospital the reflexes were normal, he had re-

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alma mater, and also an active part in society proceed-

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Hotel Arrangements has secured fifteen hundred rooms in

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is fincar legal in the us

Ans. — The new law has gone Into effect and examinations are

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