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therewith in tiie brain, and particulariy in the medullary substance, without which the sentient foree cannot act ;

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necrotic inflammation of that organ: ulceration, gangrene, cyst formation,

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the location of the tenderness if not by tb.e pnrious history, while

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maintains that some of them are due to the conversion of urea in the blood

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time. He had injudiciously taken purgative medicine Avith the idea

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finally burned or disinfected. Persons with pulmonary tuberculosis

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sary to add two orders, which the advance of pathology and histology

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of 13; 40 per cent, had complained of general irregularity, and in 29 per cent,

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Lymphatic and myelogen&us leulcemia need only lie mentioned as the

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by Professor Allen Miller and Mr. Iluggins, near London. By

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Suppose the thorax of a healthy subject dried with all its contained

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" 31. Thus shall ye separate the children of Israel

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formed of dense cicatricial tissue, evidently the lesult of con-

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not be nearly so strong as that required by the ordinary

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sartorius muscle, and the blue mass to be continued, 5 grs. every three

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Belfield since June ; and on the last occasion (about

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means of carefully-applied splints, producing extension and counter-

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"""-^ LL 12 P"C:5ENT£D Therapeutical equal merit, will be gladly forwarded upon request.

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muscular exertion or to exposure of the neck to cold during labour.

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press on the nerves, thus causing degeneration of the neu-

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which the industry of physicians, and the observations of authors

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ether, valerian, asafetida, musk, castor and aromatic oils,

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was the highest ever known, being 380.87 daily. The attendance

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They may be so slight as to scarcely attract attention, and so severe as

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contrast, the core temperature triggering sweating and

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the bloodiest war that was ever fought. Without them our armies would

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not accompanied by membrane formation; glossitis is occasionally seen,

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tion in Surgery) ; New York Ophthalmological Society (pri-

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were simply judicial. By so doing the evils of covering,

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afterward speech, which had so far been unaffected, became a

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function, paralysing successively the leg, arm, and face, or, vice versa;

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doses of iodide of potassium now in vogue — 30 to

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