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the character required. Men would not be available,

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neighbouring cusps, or even a complete fusion of the adjacent edges.

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the ejecta of morning sickness in pregnancy. The ejecta contain mucus

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two hundreds of years in which to acquire civilization.

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but do not let the hot water be close enough to touch the milk for in

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first developed, and through which they have been transmitted

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epidemic diseases. In the larval forms recovery is the rule ; in the septic

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ful confidence ; and let us watch with a jealous eye every

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meaning of this position. The question is, do we afford any certainty

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Miss A., of Belfast, aged twenty-two, consulted me on 8th

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Professor of Diseases of the Nose, Throat and Ear, Medical Department of Loyola University

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knife. In actual life we are confronted with unpleasantness without

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4:00 p.m. — Annual chapter meeting to discuss past and present business and elect officers for

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and in mineral waters, sea-water and many organic compounds.

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...>a»w.-.3Lu..x..>,A-^~>y>»J^-■\^-.— ^ *

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understood them so far as not to use local treatment. The stic-

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varied mechanical means of accomplishing this are originated by different minds,

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assist him in his labors. Brute force rarely ever accomplishes much

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fastened; the window was therefore driven in^ the shutters unfastened,

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filth, but the disease may originate in frost-bite, grease,

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can Medical Congress is now thoroughly organized, with secre-

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they lay, as an eyewitness said, " like herrings'^ one above the other !

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ern, or that facing the Adriatic. The northern portion of Tuscany con-

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half-destro3^ed cells, the former contents of which are now seen

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zation of the pulp, followed by the usual treatment

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the flexibility of the eyelashes. The lashes themselves (cilia) are

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temperature in the interior of the body is due to a mere accumulation of

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seen such hemorrhage after exercise in cases of stone in the

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If this conclusion is right, all the loss of life, misery, and financial loss

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ably comparable to that of a hyperthyroid case, will also produce such

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" It seems to me that the necessities of our time are

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intestine tubercular ulcers have a remarkable tendency to spread trans-

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