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244. — BaiiiiigarlCH (U.) On a simple continued fever.

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thalmic artery, occasioned copious and often trouble-

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the fallacy that where local cyanosis existed in the extremities, the sample of

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duced by nerve action. For instance, if the flexors of

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child was passing blood and my first thought was that possibly there

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in the cardiac ganglia may affect the rhythm. When found

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3. Dip pip op Sam jecynbelican 9 limon pone pleppan

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jerk was sometimes obtained by a single tap (" clonic or trepidation

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Boldo is a tree found in Chili, of a height of five or six feet, isolated on

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award should be accorded to the medical profession,

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a« th'^ integument on tlie thigh. There was no ulcera-

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under the late Professor Goodsir. Its preservative poser is

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Diagnosis. — To begin with, the practitioner should disabuse his mind

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specific action against the typhoid bacillus, but it

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spoonfuls of the antiseptic oil mixed wdth whiting. For dis-


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Divide into xxx pills. One to be taken four times a

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ter's are explained, confirmed and extended in a manner most

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for Medical students, and I fear the promoters of the scheme

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treatment, may continue for months. In a case described by Golgi

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astounding " news to Englishmen. Whatever the merits of this particular

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able cases a deUcate stippling of a photographic plate may be seen,

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got at drug stores. In gangrenous ulcers, antisceptic

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A paper on Pneumatic Self-Replacement in Dislocation of the Gravid and

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compensation should be limited. This board was also

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8 show the marked effect of digipuratum on the pulse-rate. Case 5 is

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goat, M. Colin, of the Veterinary School of Alfort, having

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and the quantity to be taken, so taste is a guide in respect of the kinds

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