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is done in vaginal hysterectomy, and then may be in-

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mals, together with the proteids in the serum of the

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in their constitutions by the sedentary habits which they often indulge.

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solved instantly if three groups give up perks. Doctors

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ception of schistosomum, are very rare, from a practical point

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Henry Jolm Strong, M.D., of North-end, Croydon, to Elizabeth Ann,

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The second case that I wish briefly to report is one of exophthalmic

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can be attempted in obstetric surgery is the dilata-

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the person must have lived some time after it was inflicted Marks of this

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mott then tried Dr. O'Beirne's tube, and meeting with obstruction

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was threatened, but that the eyes did follow to some extent, and that he

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acini and tubes of the diseased gland, thus transformincr it

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city, is due the credit of being probably the first to collect a

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disability, it becomes necessary that the physician’s

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dilatation coexists with hypertrophy^ the impulse is still full and

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as an example of how death may be suddenly occasioned by a

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of psychotherapeutic measures, without being rendered totally

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Dr. Wm. H. Robb then read a paper entitled "A single point in the

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cation, to the back of the chest, of a few hot Unseed meal

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assumed that after the lapse of six hours, and before

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4.10. Doing very well ; spots are still making their appearance.

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Dean of the Faculty of Montptllier, followed, and having the

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which can be laced around the body, the patient forced

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statements of principles and rules for practice that are

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and Dr. Bier has found it advantageous to place a rubber

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Take three such doses per day, one before each meal. Use it

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hysterical symptoms, and though we suspected that it might be

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Act is in force habitually. The latter may be put into

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found these bodies in the blood, though they were more difficult

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forms of psychosis have absolutely no ascertainable

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skin, but also on the buccal and conjunctival membranes, and

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Francis Howe Straus, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery.

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