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Dr. Kretzschmar's paper had suggested several points, as, for instance, he (the speaker)
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necessity of attention on the part of students and nurses to
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quite recently, no systematic experiments were carried out for the
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o'clock at night, . when it was dark, he desired the servant to get down and
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(probably in all) the conflict is essentially a moral
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Soon after this last attack commenced, there devel-
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established, she rose from the couch and passed through
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mentally that urethane possesses properties antago-
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tension was employed. " I saw him first on the first of
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clinical observer, opened a discussion at the meeting of the
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observation in the first medical clinic in Vienna during the last fif-
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and the Duke of Argyll contend that man was originally civilized, and
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practical suggestions as may serve lay visitors of hospi-
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The Manila ships experienced " other inconveniences generally at-
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would be abridged if the public had to pay the great number
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his bed, and led him around the room, moving faster and faster,
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R. Ludlow, Dr. D. R. Posey, Dr. S. W. Neale, Dr. B. Hmchmar>
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to exhaust and eventually even shatter the strongest nervous
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is met with {vide art. " Hysteria "). It has also been attributed to the
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ceased to prevail, in epidemic form, in any civilized coun-
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supervention of coma is associated •oath dilatation of the pupils.
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meatus, just under the anterior extremity of the middle
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shadow of objects has given rise to two methods of localization of lodged
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to soap through the fatty matters contained in the organs. This saponification
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of all the symptoms, and further attendance was not required. After
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cheerfulness, in this combination of craft school and military
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1st, from failure of the liver to convert into glycogen the sugar ob-
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Illustrated Lecture: Frederic J. Kottke, Minneapolis
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in the urine of typhoid fever patients. (See section on Typhoid
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the County Clerk. It is the most frequent cause of the

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