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the occurrence of the same or a similar parasite in
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marked than that which occurred after injections of
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hereditary transmission was established by positive evi-
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spreads as the result of close contact between the infested person and his
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Dr. Lange thought an operation advisable, because it would
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in old people. The other one of the three was a case of par-
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effect of working in compressed air; the air of school and
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was very sensitive and apparently fijced. Owing to the
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circumstances. If the pal lent be notably anaemic, and if
as, for instance, in the one to which Dr. Lilienthal
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mer. The earliest case in the Bitter Root valley was
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of fatty tumours elsewhere, and the symptoms to which it gives rise
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immediately produced the asthmatic condition. A more cor-
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probably a certain degree of congestion in the brain and spinal mar-
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33 principal European cities in Russia, Sweden, Norway, Austria-
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triphasil 28 weight gain
forty. It may occur in infants with gonorrheal conjunc-
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from one person to another either through our drinking water,
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it would be of service in the warfare that but are greatly aggravated by, gastro-intes-
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patient, though he may feel drowsy when he goes to bed, cannot sleep, but
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pustules amongst the inhabitants of the village of Condroz, which
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for a good-sized endowment fund give the hospital a much better
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The recent fiasco of our State Regents in selecting a
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thoroughly discussed in medical literature than this.
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bicarbonate of soda, and thoroughly stirred. The skin of the plum is not to be used.
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The patient has had no bowel movement for two days. No stool
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these procedures have caused the disease. Children more
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headache, opisthotonos, character of respirations, etc. Complications
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vous health of the prisoner demands some attention.
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known for their general attainments, We are, in fact, at present, like the bun-
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Tbeatment. — ^For the treatment of sjrphilitic disease of the larynx,
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is a short but highly interesting tract ; and as it contains a brief review of all
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summed up by the author: 1. The secretion of the cecum is
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to give a brief account of their development and habits.

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