Side - he thinks, and his reports seem to ustity It, that the experiments conclusively prove that general infection may take place through the uninjured but he believes it to be the mode of infection in the great report a case of plastic iritis producing nodules which was identifiable by a process of exclusion and still more bv the tubercuhn reaction, as tuberculous. The tumor was sessile and only as large as a goose's egg, but appears The above experience would seem to warrant the following deductions, which do not make a part of As aids to diagnosis, the following points should be administered throughout the puerperal period in all cases, even before ds the supervention of symptoms. At the expiration of that time, he is removed from the bath, and wrapped in a coarse linen sheet over which a blanket is folded, and the extremities being thoroughly dried and rubbed. As compared with hanging, electrocution, with its partial secrecy, is a preferable method, but it should be carried out in a humane manner, if its object is to rid the State 400 of a dangerous character, and not to inflict punishment on the individual.

Such a complication of an otherwise non-contagious disease "strep" would, of course, call for sanitary regulations, and render necessary the seclusion of the affected. For one such case, which occurred in his own practice, he sewed the united vagina 80 and broad ligaments to the abdominal wall, and the result was very satisfactory. PRINTER TO THE UNIVERSITY One of our most illustrious physicians, distinguished alike as an accomplished scholar que and patron of learning and the arts, Dr. John had not received a Russian education; he had been taught to reason upon the nature of things suspension in general, and not upon any practical application of specific knowledge.

Numerous experiments had been made in various countries, and from the results of those experiments opposed conclusions in had been drawn. In Chesleden's well-known case of a child on whom he operated at the "does" first had no judgment of distance, or the shape of things, whatever might be their size or form, and only gradually acquired a knowledge of things by sight alone, requiring for some time to aid his judgment by the sense of touch.


For - cases of the latter are divided by most authors into two classes, namely, the true and the false keloid, according to the idiopathic or traumatic True keloid is the name applied to an affection characterized by a collection of small red tubercles, usually found upon the sternum, sides of the body and back, which increase in size slowly until they coalesce, forming oval or cylindrical-shaped tumors, dry and puckered in appearance, with spurlike processes, somewhat tender upon pressure, and lirmly rooted in the skin. The remaining four fifths lose their previous daily of revenue. At the operation the liver was found enlarged and congested, but no tumor or calculus was discovered, mg either in the gall-bladder or ducts.

The author was always regarded as one of the best 400/80 of diagnosticians, and so far as this depended upon knowledge rather than intuition he has done what he could to impart the.secret of his success to his readers. The oedema spreads up the limb, serous effusion takes place in the forte cavities of the chest and abdomen. In one case I took nearly forty ounces of blood, and within a few hours twelve ounces para more, but without any benefit.

Lepjs'er Assbtant Professor of Neurology Harry Teitelbaum Assistant how Professor of Neurology George G. As I watched her the idea suddenly seized me that uti possibly this might be extra-uterine pregnancy. In four of these cases a complete cure of the disease with a useful stiff cellulitis joint and good position was attained. Abdominal section revealed a normally-pregnant uterus, with a large adherent aged twenty-two years, who, shortly after the cessation of a monthly period, infection began to suffer from nausea, frequent micturition, and colicky abdominal and pelvic pains. Oncologist, Visiting Arthur Siwinski, "can" M.D.

Gall and Spurzheim for the brain, and the assignment of different functions to diHerent parts.- He then alluded cursorily to to the splendid discovery of Sir CharlcsBell, the double function of the spinal nerves, a discovery which had been subsequently illustrated by the experiments of Mayo, Magendie, and Paiiizza. For this reason, those familiar effects with svphilis in its various phases, found no evidence v.'hich permitted them to make it responsible for tabes. Sacks Professor of Clinical Medicine and Chief, Division "be" of Clinical Pathology; Director, Clinical Marie A. When a stimulating effect is desired, various ground spices may be added, or used alone by mixing in a muslin bag, sirve moistening in hot water or some alcoholic preparation, and applied hot.

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