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operation and under asepsis practically devoid of danger.
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infiltrated by it or incorporated in it ; and soon convex or hemispherical
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geon, as a rule, will only be consulted about it by the
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tioned or not at all mentioned in the standard works on
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he had the power. You will recall the history of the Spanish- American
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ment is usually in the throat ; as it advances, the whole system be-
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in five hours, 2,150,000; in eight hours, 5,200,000;
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Apart from the two authors mentioned above, the earliest record of
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on the Diseases of the Eye, Am. ed. 1855, p. 574. It is as follows : —
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yield of hogs when fed wide and narrow rations 200, 201
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strictly observed, the reason doubtless being that the disease then began to
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C. M. Sansom, M.D. Pp. 443; 85 illustrations. St. Louis:
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in the feet and ankles, but being generally less in the
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the men who most contributed to extend and elevate it.
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of minor details in treatment derived from those short paragraphs to
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Again, it is unquestionably true that, in our country,
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lymphocytes, six had the pasty type of skin which does not tan.
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aa are usual in the Ureatment of bums from other causes, except that
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1 a handy way in which I think aseptic, as distinguished from anti-
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that at the beginning of the year a sudden outbreak of cholera,
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proportion") should be found, when, in all the cases but two,
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the only existing version of the work of Paulus of Aegina in
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tumors by their peripheral nutrient vessels. The blood
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gents, I think, are useless, but I invariably give fluid extract ergot in
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about eight ounces of ethyl alcohol (equivalent to about sixteen ounces of
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and non-virulent pseudo-diphtheria bacilli in twenty-seven. The viru-
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borne solemnly and steadfastly. If this is a truth applicable

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