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Professor of Materia Medica in the University at Cambridge, calls^
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suffered a terrible failure of success. Medical association, intercourse,
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resnlted. When the author saw him, the popliteal space contained an aneurism
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Among the more effective predisposing factors are a^e, Mat, and raea. Hi
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Acute capillary bronchitis is chiefly found at the extremes of life, but
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cially good results in pneumonia with cal- tococcus or the B. coli or the B. procya-
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March 5th. — Headaches less frequent and less severe ;
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of thick offensive pus was evacuated. A poultice was applied
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quinine is the type: — " Are they naturally present iti the blood, or is
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of a capital surplus required by the insurance commissioner as well as by CMIC plans for
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syphilitic tubercular eruption. Both nurses ultimately succeeded in ob-
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throat the more danger that it will have spread and engaged the
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only three to four weeks, if we can depend upon the
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fibers seen in cross section, as also their relation to the protoplasm and the
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foot so as to clasp the foot on either side to hold it together as
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ammonia, wine, musk, &c. were made use of whenever there appeared
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The excitability of definite spots in the cortex being therefore re-
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own individual opinion is that a history of some effort
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injection has been made too near the base of the tumor
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data gathering and analyzing skills. In speaking to some of
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ing of the intestine, the discrimination is more difficult, and, indeed,
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of the nasal mucous membrane, with sneezing and fetid mucus
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paralysis in several respects. The seasonal prevalence of infantile paral-
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and the case one which might involve litigation, tlie doctor was
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was almost perfectly dull, and there was no respiratoiy miunnur
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(I) in cases showing specific evidence; (2) when tabes
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reflex action can and does cause a lowering and even a total abolition of
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of places, is a much more reliable procedure. The numer-
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caused the parasites to disappear; they are still absent 204 days later.
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Leslie, Principal of Marischal College, and six other physicians,
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and Prof. Field'" of Dartmouth published a paper, in 1869, upon its neces-
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ulcers. He reviewed in detail some of the main symp-
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pecuniary loss sustained by the community in that to>vn as the
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iin favus du cuir clievelu ; reflexions sur le faviis iufantile.
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Avhich Kussmaul gave the name of "syllabic stumbling." Defects in
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readily than the breech, the expulsion of which re-
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different witnesses were not stated in the will, or were
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surgeon of the First Minnesota Regiment. While attend-
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breast, in no way even interfering with the functions
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that the only thing that would give him relief was mor-
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phenomena which succeed the introduction \ the origin of other poisons in plants and

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