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limits of seven Professorships, or to compress its cir-
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the ordinary effects of these remedies ; but in the second a change
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material in poisonous cheese is a chemical compound soluble in
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and this fact has probably led to a shrunk and weakened con-
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The Society then listened to a paper, by Dr. L. C. Gray, entitled: "A Case of
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larger of which is the head. At the end of the fifth
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Proceeding to treat of diseases affecting the kidneys
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lately been urged upon the profession for a thorough trial, to be judged
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careful examination, and made the following report, that while there
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and at times one is even then left in doubt as to the result. If the
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sions respecting their influence on animal nutrition. He calls
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twelve hours, and then an alteration took place ; the leg became hot and
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Any material of a septic character, introduced into the genital passages
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twenty-four hours ; the discharge being always great, and of long
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patients are provided with social work services at some time during
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since it has been recognized that acute peritonitis is practically always
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tight, all cracks and crevices should be well closed by pasting paper
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indicated in Dr. Cope's vtduable pai)er would have liia. most hearty
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the Provincial Board of Health, and also as Professor in the
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So arraDged tbat each article Is reaiy for immediate ase when the Case Is
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and light and bracing, and that the temperature is such that
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white matter, perhaps as deep as the thalamus. The motor
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the practice of the hospitals. In August, 1844, he repaired to
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of sleeping on feathers and in a house. Oh no! we do not
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purgatives especially should be ordered ; frictions,
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were also turgid with blood. The stomach contained no remains of
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1877 Ceockee, Hexet Radcliffe, M.D., 121, Harley Street, W. (C
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the method of double penile skin flaps, the base of one
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lation with respect to its further application in the
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severity of chorea in pregnancy is well recognized, and there is but little
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entiation between leukemia and leukocytosis, but it did not prove to be a correct
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her baby. The child's appearance was that of one bom
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Wh.mamb, L. L., PaHted AnsiMtant Surgeon. Rolievod from duty
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ties in surgery that I have known, I should find the
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were negative for the bacillus of Hansen four months ago, and remain
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preparation for this very purpose. 4. It may be con-
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extension of a gonorrhea, from the anterior urethra ; when
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been attacked by the disease. The Committee on Statistics
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can Medical Association;" H. W. Morgan, M. D., D. D. S., "A Long
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tinal antiseptics were administered, but whether any advantage
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always till up the gaps left by clinical teaching and be
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a count of a thousand cells or more. Whether or not cases occur
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this subject of that great surgeon, William J. Mayo,
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continue to be scourged with repeated epidemics of yellow fever. Quar-
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vulcanising fluid. Both patients suff"ered from atrophy of the regions
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In Committee of the Whole — Dr. Peaslee, Chairman ; Dr.
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development of family physicians and in the selection of a

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