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man the matter should be referred to the police surgeon of
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dad Branches of the Association, and to Drs. TuUock, Purser, and Blanc,
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Hospital, Birmingham, on their list of recognised fever hospitals. Dr,
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sive of registration and vaccination fees. Applications to Mr. Law-
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some virulent infective influence was present among the
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Now, the means of checking the spread of the disease may
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Gazette of India, says this controversy does not al)ate, and will not,
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April 22nd. The annual rate ol mortality in these towns, which had
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thoroughly scientific surgeon, but a man of wide and varied
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for various reasons, to employ women after marriage.
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growths are asserted to be protozoa pressed out of shape, and
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view Lo taking action for obtaining Parliamentary inquii-y into the influ-
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diseased^ (as in the most important case of Sir James Paget
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Lancasbfes and Cheshire Branch.— The annual meeting of this
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M.R.C.S.Eng., L.R C.P.Ed ; J. W. Greenwood. M.R.C.S.Eng., L .S.A.
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accept certificates from men over whose ideas of sanitation it
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is the new terra substituted for the word detachment. The stretchers are
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of aortic valvular malformation in the production of the
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lation to Treatment, including the Radical Cure. By Wil-
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71 per cent., in Luton (54, in Northampton 63, in Halifax 60, in
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the disease was Infectious I had more decided testimony
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lery, and late H.M. Inipector of Prisons, died at Dover on the "3th inst.,
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the sac of an aneurysm did not necessarily imply immediate
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engaged in eliciting tlie truth by testing the evidence on
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inspiration was stertorous, and the voice very hoarse.
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born children buried with other bodies without the knowledge
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Mr. Macnamara was son of the late Dr. Rawdon Macnamara,
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solution of SO^, together with a small quantity of H^S, under
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exposed to contact with such quickly fatal diseases as cholera,
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Officer " in possession," or by sending out in the ordinary
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St. Leonards ; Mr. Field, London. (G) Mr. J. Gray, London ; Mr. H.
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instances in which the tioable has relapsed, no surgical inter-
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without occasionally observing the presence of these vesicles,
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a twelve months' notice, notvvithstanding there having been no written
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170 cases; the institutions of the .Metropolitan Asylums Board containing
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tiirough the drain-traps into the bakehouse, to cover the lloor, and to
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friendly societies. He was connected with nearly every
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man to see the body after death in every case ?- 1 do not
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the languid way in which children with pneumonia would
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to the "Queensland Branch of the British Medical Association."
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stove, or in a moderate oven, to draw out the whey, which was
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greatly reduced. In the case we are now dealing with, this has
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tion of the first suggestion — even allowing that it alone would
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dangerous to the health of the witness. Presumably a medical man
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Clinical Medicine at Vienna. It is thought the chair will be
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