Zetia Side Effects On The Joints

pletion of which to rejoin his station. Nov. 13, 1903.
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Bready, J. E., acting assistant surgeon. Granted leave of
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whooping cough, erysipelas, fevers and consumption) 888,
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fessional career then came to an early close, in the
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bronchial glands in more than one half of his post-
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The following cases died during or after the service :
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able to this. Sponging the feet is often suflScient ;
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the leg, and applied from perhaps one inch below the
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strange, undefined torture attending this condition are
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instinct, morally a monster, still he is not what many
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of the injections by the death of the animal it was
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heard, it is usually fair to assume that the child is
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ing upon the mental attitude of the growing doctor.
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to be a thief. The jury returned a verdict of " Not
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Paget's Disease. («) Dr. Bcnner (for Dr. IMixter) : Nitric Acid in
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wall. No rales were heard in the lungs. The areas of
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(liflictult (juestions whi(!h are sure to arise, is
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he had given a million units of the antitoxic serum,
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the portions of the round ligaments external to the
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met with great difficulty, because of the natural in-
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was palpabk; .5 cm. below the costal border. The spleen
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later, it is in such care of the lower animals that
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of the school in the immediate future. It is stated
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J. R. Dykes, acting assistant surgeon. Ordered to the
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tive, and differential blood counts showed nothing but
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requires the supervising engineer to give the owntr
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torily. One of these is that of a lady who remained
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This she did not do, but shortly began to use the arm. liie
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my.self that the task before me was a long one, that haste
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For a long time the hypotonicity and loss of reflex
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' Life in One Room, by Dr. J. 15. Hiissell, Glasgow, 18H2.
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should exist in every liberal profession. If their pro-
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matter to which attention should be directed is the

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