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be aimed at most is to induce a copious perspiration,

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Occupation. Oppenheim has insisted on the importance of ascertain-

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most invaluable one, and that it is absolutely free from

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also exhibited an Introducer for Sponge Tents. This

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o tenderness and swelling of tic, integuments covering the part. It

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Turner has very fully reported another {Ed. Med. Jour., January,

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apoplexy. In a large proportion of instances death occurs within the

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of last year. The total number under treatment during the

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cases of otherwise intense suffering and great prostration.

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the drug. The conclusions at which he arrives, and which

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but there was still enough pressure left in the beginning

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the formation of one or more abscesses has taken place^ and usually

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pimple standard would be created, and the public ought not to erudge, for

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health profession, who are clearly performing a glucose

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be more valuable to the profession than heretofore.

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at the North or South, I have no information but that which comes

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less powerful. It is also used externally i 1 solu-

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McDonnell, Ralph Augustine, B.A., Yale, '90. .Yale, '92 New Haven.

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abolished early in the disease, and return and become exaggerated later on.

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Dr. Putnam thought the forceps much more appropriate to Dr.

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means of sulphid of arsenic ; the cleaning of boilers ; in certain processes

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sive diuresis ; later, the pulse loses its power, becomes

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subject is slight. We have seen already that the breeding-grounds of

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statistical or numerical method. We confess to a daily diminishing faith

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Leet, Edward W., Esq.. Acting Assistant-Surgeon, to the PaUa$.

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tients with diabetes mellitus received appropriate care,

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blood of his own group, immediately arises. Since the pecuHarities

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varying in size from a split pea to a half-cherry ; and, lastly,

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lic schools. La Crosse was one of the first cities in the state to adopt

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much more effective than the sharp spoon. From time to time the finger

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best of the old things to live according to Nature,

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