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trudes in the wound, and a slightly oval pupil is the result. I have seen

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and equal promptness in various other morbid conditions — in certain

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In one case observed by Swan there were 5 per cent, of mast cells.

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it imperfectly ; and Prof. Brouardel's investigations during several years past lead

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ship. For those patients covered by Medi-Cal, institutional

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renewal, although imperfect, of limbs spontaneously amputated in the foetus

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operative surgery, 4 private rooms for professors and prosec-

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specific gravity was 1.008. His condition gradually

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tuberculous rheumatism was brought forward, yet when lately there was a

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fact rational medicine was introduced by the Greelis. In a remarlc-

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(iii.) Subjective sensations of smell and taste arc indicative of irritative

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the ends of the bone ever coming in contact at all.

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bring it to grains per gallon, multiply it by 70. This gives of course only the

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ter, and partly because the course of the complaint becomes greatly

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any graduate occnrring within the past five or six years, date

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Disorders of the reproductive organs have been already noted : in

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served on the board of directors for the Foundation for Medical Care Evalu-

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some suggestions from a purely medical point of view as to

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soluble in ether is obtained which behaves toward ferric chloride like pyro-

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tried in that disease. Should further experience show that chlo-

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cases with six recoveries, one after secondary trache-

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on pressure. Adenoid tissue pale, smooth, and clean; more normal in appearance.

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intend remembering the formula (Renol), and shall resort to it in such cases as refuse

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as one of my chief memories of our experiences — amid the rough and

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nodes give the best starting point to determine this. He came to the conclu-

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The jaw muscles were somewhat relaxed and the right

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cytes would accentuate the visibility of the capillary loops.

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established in the deep layers of the epidermis, crude

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watchful, never meddlesome, as regards the correct coaptation

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Auspices of the Sydenham Society, London, 1849, and New

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desirable; but, with this instrument, there is but little danger of any such,

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A. Change of climate affords the greatest relief, but the

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