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there being then no monthly medical journal in existence in the

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Arbor, on " Phthisis." Dr. H. O. Walker, of Detroit, con-

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-however, that the guinea-pigs, the subjects of these experiments,

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sleepiness; also to attacks of "biliousness" with headache,

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aspects (columns 10, 11 and 12) were arrived at by utilizing

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There have been also cases in this country where beneficial effects have

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is not of very great value. In 305 cases with systolic pressure of 160

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dress, by James C. Wilson, Philadelphia; Pneumococ-

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and epigastric regions sink in, and that the lower ribs are drawn inward,

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Surviving are three sons: Harold A., Janesville; Robert

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trol and obedience between the muscular system and the nervous cen-

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interstitial pregnancy, in the practice of Dr. Lanphear, in

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An infusion of unroasted coffee drank daily, appear^

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family as then affected, but in individuals who were not

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the irritability of certain nerves, as the frontal, the accessorius, the

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having been the originator of the first free dispensary in Hart-

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few vessels were ligatured ; the bowel was now attached below only.

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of I'elaxation of the vaginal mucous membrane may be,

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gated, and it has been established that the heart is not necessarily

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of Council determined that Dr. Wood intended the com-

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the other of 101 days >taiidinf;. — PftrKjutn't

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closure, recounts the three instances recorded by Boyer, in one of which the

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is the significant circumstance that habit of life has much to

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that are used. The fluid extract, Aromatic Cascara and pills or

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amount of iritis with adhesion to the anterior cap-

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358. Artichokes (au Gratin) — Ingredients— A shallot, baked

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foci of suppuration, terminating in distinct abscesses, occasionally appear.

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general. These kidneys are primarily of the azotemic

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For more than forty years the one-head system — the plan

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atrophy of the retina ; it may occur either as a primary disease, or secondary

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absorption and absolutely compels absorption of the finished

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and the viscid saliva drivel from the lips ; finally, stupor supervenes, and

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