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cally, universal coverage itself would have been a signifi-
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privilege of its clinics and wards. This, instead of stopping
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by the fact that, as she came out of the influence of the
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sented by Dr. Robinson pointed to more than a func-
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ritis, the left kidney weighing 60 grams, and the right 80 grams.
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On the fourth day family members are admitted for five
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of tissue, and expressed by a tendency merely to the effusion
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it in this respect alone that we may congratulate ourselves on
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doubt as to whether bovine lymph does not sometimes
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remedies that were inoperative to any purpose but that of reducing the small
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believe physicians' charges are "unreasonable." The
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complained of. I consider that this method is well adapted for
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foundry, got a small particle of foreign substance in his left eye, which
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Dick used to relate that he had met with cases of what he called
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this matter that have been a source of not a little mystification
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very short half-lived radiopharmaceuticals requiring daily assay of new
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Treatment. — In the mildest forms of small-pox medicinal treatment
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remarkable for their permanence and the little tendency they manifest to
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SICK HEADACHE. — Causes. — There is a variety of causes
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I was consulted by J. Y. B., native of the United States, aged 30, good
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having been left there all night. To us it looks verj- much as if
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danger of leaving permanent paralysis. Except in special cases, to which
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dent. He must have gruel, milk, &c., to drink, and be muzzled,
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produced even a tolerable state of purity in clothing and rooms
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Mr. Simon was, I believe, the first, many years ago, to call in
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been there between the business and professionalism of medicine.
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of the treatment is, by some means, to obliterate the
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to make an exact diagnosis. There are no accounts of any postmortem
newly born babies, consisting of a modification of the ancient steel-
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