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has to be sent to a distant laboratory the specimen should be placed in
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Williams have clearly demonstrated — the latter in no less than 229
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of energy they carry, are immensely more powerful than the
vate) ; Medical Society of the County of Putnam (quar-
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attenuated living bacilli (the attenuation is due to age of the culture) along
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The chapter following, on epidemiology, considers in detail the various factors
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women, one in the twenties, one seventeen, the other
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erysipelatous tint of the face which follows the invasion in confluent variola
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sunstroke. The subject of it becomes immediately unconscious,
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copper, gallic acid, and the various vegetable astringents, such as rhatania,
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forms of faucial and nasal diphtheria when, as is not rarely the case, fis-
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Acapulco, waiting for the 3d of March, the date fixed by the Viceroy
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softening, and ulceration is the regular and necessary consequence of
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quite by surprise to come here and be announced in that
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to advance to a high degree without producing obvious symptoms. In all
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removed without any external incision, preliminary ligature
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not readily comparable and that the numbers increase as the mortality
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be quite prominent, or present in a moderate degree, or altogether wanting.
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all living matter has been derived from previously living
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chitis in young subjects, or engorgements and apoplexy of the lung, asso-
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at the Montefiore Hospital and were in a position to
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systematic position which has been reported once, in Odessa, in the crys-
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observed and the calculated values up to 40° C. Above this tem-
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quantity as to exceed the chloride of the blood, the urine actually contained
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restored to health. The verse was accompanied with a present of
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according to the predominance of particular symptoms. In the

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